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Richard Jones Fencing Ltd

16 - Sep - 2011

Richard Jones Fencing


Welcome to Richard Jones Fencing


Richard Jones Fencing has become a well established business over the last few years. Richard is well known in the area and has built up a good reputation within the fencing industry. Being a farmers son, the company has well established links with the agricultural and equestrian community, this is the field that the company have become particularly well known and respected for.

We have undertaken large contracts for various wildlife trusts and continue to be one of the national trusts favoured contractors. In later years the company has expanded into the security fencing market and has secured contracts for EDF Energy, NetWork Rail and include works for Esso and Tesco express.

Please enjoy the website and contact Richard if you have any enquiries or
would like further information. As always Richard is happy to offer a free
estimate and advice 07778628205.

Thank You.


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